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    These are our basic Flash Tune files for the MK6 GTI using the Cobb AP. But these files don’t pack Basic Power and Feature! After tons of development and testing we have made these files available for purchasing! These are much more cost effective than a Etune. ETunes are not always needed unless you are trying to sqeeze out every last HP/Trq or wanna push the car closer to the limits of the Flash tunes.

    What kind of Power Could you see? Keep in mind this is range of what we have seen on these cars. we have trapped from 105-109 MPH and run as fast as 12.65 - 12.64 in the 1/4 Mile on a few cars with STOCK K03 Turbos. Every car is different, different fuel quality’s and types, every dyno and locations around the world play a role in numbers. So keep that in mind.

    Stock turbo K03:
    On our dyno: Stock K03 MK6 Gti"s make around 195-200Whp and 210-220WTrq. K03 cars can see up 60whp gain though out certain parts of the curve over stock, 30-60whp peak to peak gains! We also see 60-120WTrq Gains over stock!

    280-340 TRQ


    SCP - Snap Crackle Pop sounds when you left off the gas pedal.

    Brake Boost - Lets you hold the brake and gas at the same time. Doing this in the proper way while rolling will let you build up boost before racing someone!

    Spark Plugs & Coil Packs:
    When tuning the car, you should be running the proper spark plugs ad gap! Not doing so can cause tuning issues along with potential loss in power. We have selected the spark plugs we use and have tested, and we have already Pre gapped them for you! Old tired and high mileage coil packs?!? Replace them with an upgraded set of R8 Coil Packs to keep the ignition system working properly!

    Cobb Accessport NOT INCLUDED!

    Neither SneekyTuned nor any of its officers, directors, shareholders or employees assumes any liability and/or risk associated with the use of purchased calibration services sold by SneekyTuned. I acknowledge and voluntarily release forever discharge SneekyTuned, their owner, employees, representatives and office from any and every claim, demand, action, or right of any kind. You agree to assume all risk associated with the use of said calibration services and/or modifications. Many of the parts installed on a customer’s vehicles are designed for “Off-highway/Competition” use only. Installation of “Off-highway/competition” parts may impair your vehicles emission control system performance. These parts shall not be installed on any vehicle used on any street or highway. An installation as such could adversely affect the warranty coverage for an on street vehicle and violates state and federal emission laws and may not be CARB/EPA certified. SneekyTuned does not provided and/or imply warranty for Calibration services . SneekyTuned is not responsible for damage to distressed parts already on the vehicle, replacement is at the customer expense.
    Your car will be calibrated for Competition use only. Use at your own risk. Do not use this service/vehicle until you have carefully read the following agreement. This sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of this service/vehicle. The signature on this form indicates that the customer has read and understands this agreement and accepts its terms and conditions.

    Disclaimer of liability (Please read)
    SneekyTuned shall in no way be responsible for the vehicle’s proper use and service. The Customer hereby waives all liability claims. The customer acknowledges that he/she is not relying SneekyTuned skill or judgment to select or furnish good suitable for any particular purpose and that there are no liabilities which extend beyond the description on the face hereof and the buyer/customer hereby waives all remedies or liabilities, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise, (including without any obligation to SneekyTuned with respect to fitness, merchantability and consequential damages) or whether or not occasioned by SneekyTuned negligence.

    SneekyTuned disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damage. The customer acknowledges and agrees that the disclaimer for any liability for personal injury is a material term for this agreement and the customer agrees to indemnify SneekyTuned and to hold SneekyTuned harmless from any claim related to the items of the equipment purchased or services performed. Under no circumstances will SneekyTuned be liable for any damage or expenses by reason of use or sale of any such equipment.

    ****Modification of a vehicle greatly increases the horsepower and torque a stock vehicle produces. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure his/her vehicle is properly equipped with tires, transmission, drivetrain, safety equipment and other vehicle components that are rated to travel at increased speeds. Using high performance aftermarket components without prior installation of proper equipment greatly increases the chance of vehicle damage – use at you own risk!