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  • AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo
    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo
    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo
    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo
    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo
    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo

    AA Custom Tuned Powervision for Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo

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    • If you are looking for the most badass custom tunes that are easily loaded to your Ski Doo Ace 900 Turbo from the Dynojet Powervision, you've found them!  AA's performance tunes are offered loaded directly on the Powervision ECU tuner.  This versatile tuner allows our tunes to easily be uploaded to your factory ECU, switch between tunes, and even return to stock.  The PV is also a great gauge showing boost, timing and much more. You can leave the Powervision hooked up for gauges, or completely remove it after flashing your ECU. The Powervision also has excellent data logging capabilities if you download the software, and use your laptop.  You can even view trouble codes and erase them on the fly.  We are highly experienced in ECU tuning and that will show. Our tunes are simply set up correctly, and everyone with a Powervision should have these tunes! They are also easily labeled and will show horsepower gains with supporting mods such as exhaust and clutching. These tunes modify all the necessary maps to create big horsepower, while still maintaining a reliable and safe sled.
    • Get ready to hold on! The Ski-Doo Ace 900 is a great sled and has major potential. For many snow performance companies this was a new platform to work with. For us, it's easy as we have been tuning this exact same platform in the Can Am X3 for a few years now. The 900 turbo is very similar tuning wise to the 2017 Can Am X3 turbo, almost identical in power based tables (boost, timing, fuel, load calc..ect). Based on map comparison we were quickly able to make our base tunes and honestly we were nearly on point with only a few minor changes. That's how similar this setup is to the 2017 X3 which we have hundreds of hours testing and tuning on. Through data logging we were able to find the most horsepower possible on pump gas. This was running the same boost tables we developed for the 2017 X3 on our level 3 tune which gains nearly 30rwhp on that model. Beyond this boost limit the waste gate duty cycle goes sky high, and we pick up timing retard due to engine knock. We tried many different timing/boost/fuel settings to find more power and you absolutely cannot on 91-93 pump fuel without adjusting the waste gate.
    • Huge horsepower and torque gains depending on the level of tune desired, and supporting modifications.
    • Will work great on a bone stock sled or with exhaust/intake mods
    • We found this to run very well on stock clutching as this motor makes best power revving a little higher between 7900-8200 RPM. The tune puts you right at 7900-8000 RPM in most cases. Just like on the Can Am X3, Ski-Doo clutched these models for 7600-7700 RPM factory. We pick up an extra 300 RPM on level 2 and it will climb to that RPM way faster because of how quickly boost and power ramps up with our tuning.
    • We are avid riders and like the factory, a ton of the testing is done in the field to make sure you are getting 110%.  With data logging capabilities of the powervision you can't get any better testing than real world. Often times we can make significant changes to further increase power, drivability, and feel of the machine that can never be done on the dyno. Tunes were tested by doing 8-10 runs back to back on a lake running up to max speed each time.
    • Wicked throttle response and power delivery (for sport mode)
    • Throttle by wire limitations disabled
    • Torque calculations set correctly to ensure the most performance at all times
    • Fuel tables modified to gain low end punch and safe yet powerful air/fuel ratios
    • Boost tables properly modified for the fuel & modifications along with lightning quick turbo spool
    • Timing tables modified for best power/punch per tune
    • Safety parameters to protect your motor and turbocharger are still in place
    • Speed limiters removed
    • Rev limit raised from 8300 to a safe 8800 RPM
    • Powervision flash tuner reprograms your ECU in roughly 8-10 minutes per flash
    • Easily installs by plugging into your diagnostic port
    • See video of how the tuner works HERE
    • Easily return back to stock, switch tunes, or upgrade tunes at any time
    • A great gauge (see live boost and more) and data logging device
    • The stock tune will spike to around 11psi of boost, then settle to 10 to 10.5psi. The same tune in the Can Am X3 made 126rwhp on our dyno
    • Our level 1 tune is designed for someone who is looking for a simply tune to gain a little power and remove limiters.  This tune runs an average of 12-13 PSI of boost and is a very safe tune to run.   It works well with a 100% factory machine or with an exhaust. The stock waste gate spring pressure works best with this tune. This same basic tune on the Can Am X3 made 137-138rwhp on our dyno.
    • Our level 2 tune is designed to be a solid 91-93 octane tune and just a small step from level 3 for those that can't get the best fuel, or ride in remote areas where fuel is often older and loses octane. This tune still absolutely rips at peak boost of 14.5-15psi and settles around 14.5psi. This tune will work great with a bone stock machine, or one with intake/exhaust. This same basic tune on the Can Am X3 made 146-147rwhp on our dyno.
    • Our level 3 tune is the max horsepower pump gas tune. This tune is absolutely nuts for being able to run on a bone stock 900 turbo. Boost comes on hard and keeps pulling like an animal. Peak boost is around 15.5-16psi, and settles down to roughly 15-15.5psi. We spent a huge amount of time tuning and reviewing logs on pump gas to squeeze everything possible on 91 pump gas, and this is it. You simply can't find a more powerful tune on a stock 900 Ace Turbo. If running on factory exhaust, make sure you have some decent 91 pump gas or even run 93 if available. Safety factors will pull timing if needed, but a level 2 would be more powerful than a detuned level 3. This tune works even better with exhaust or intake/charge tubes. This same basic tune on the Can Am X3 made 153-154rwhp on our dyno.
    • Valet/Kid Mode. This tune detunes the sled to roughly 50-60hp and 25mph speed limit.
    • Looking for more or race fuel tunes? Let us know we can probably help you.
    • Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output. AA tunes do a better job of making sure you reach these levels as the factory tunes are overly safe.
    • See how to make sure your tuning is doing what it should! Again this is for the X3, but the parameters and process is the same on your Ski-Doo 900 Turbo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP1jSL3ckxU
    • Get ready to hang on, your 900 Turbo is about to transform!