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  • AA Custom Powervision Tunes for 2015-Up RZR 900 S, Trail, XC
    AA Custom Powervision Tunes for 2015-Up RZR 900 S, Trail, XC
    AA Custom Powervision Tunes for 2015-Up RZR 900 S, Trail, XC

    AA Custom Powervision Tunes for 2015-Up RZR 900 S, Trail, XC

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    Are you looking for the most badass tunes available for your Powervision? Here you are! These tunes are for customers that already have the Powervision for the RZR 900 S, Trail or XC. We are highly experienced in tuning the RZR models and that will show. Our tunes are also easily labeled and will show rough horsepower claims with supporting mods such as exhaust and clutching. These tunes modify all the necessary maps to create big horsepower, while still maintaining a reliable and safe RZR.  Each tune is built specifically for your Powervision allowing us to change the tire size or fan temp if needed.  We need you to send your PV_INFO file to us before we can send the tunes. For more information on how to get this, see the below description, or this VIDEO.

    • Big horsepower gains!  As you probably know, the 900 RZR motor for 2015-Up is very de-tuned from the factory.  The throttle is limited by only allowing so much air to enter the motor before it closes throttle to see the acceptable amount.  These limits are hard to break, especially all the way to redline.  Many other tunes will open the throttle a little more at first, but then still close when you get over 8000 RPM.  This is why it's important to see a dyno sheet or data log run up to top speed where it will eventually hit the rev limit.  If power or throttle tapers off, you know the tune is not as good as ours.  That being said, horsepower gains depend on air conditions such as temperature and altitude.  If you have less air to start with such as in very hot temps, or at higher altitudes, your throttle will open more (with the stock tune) than those in low altitude or colder temps.  Basically, no matter where or what temperature you ride in the stock machine will make the claimed 75 HP to the crank.   Now lets say we are dynoing at low altitude on a cold Minnesota day of 10 degrees.  We load this tune in for 100% throttle no matter what, now we can make huge horsepower... up to 95 crank HP.  Take that same machine and go to Florida with some nice hot sticky summer weather.  We might only make 85 crank HP.  Point of the story is that on this particular model, your horsepower gains vary depending on temp and altitude.  No matter what, we promise you will notice a huge gain and not even be close to a stock 900.  Average gains for low altitude riding in 50-70 degree weather will be around 15 HP.  We guarantee no one else is making any more power than our tune, despite claims of higher horsepower which were made in colder temps.
    • MUCH quicker throttle response and power delivery
    • Throttle by wire limiters disabled - 100% throttle!
    • AA's wicked timing curve is setup for 91 octane and delivers a huge punch in the mid-range and much better top end power
    • Fuel tables optimized for this motor and to go with our timing curve with 100% throttle
    • Fan on/off temp lowered to 190/185 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Seatbelt limiter disabled
    • 2 Foot Limiters Disabled (gas/brake at the same time)
    • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears - Most will see 7-10 MPH actual top speed gains!
    • Rev limit at a safe 8800 RPM
    • The Level 1 tune is a huge increase and is designed to work with the stock exhaust. A slip-on will work with this tune but you can pick up a little more by going to our level 2 tune if you have a slip-on or full exhaust.
    • The Level 2 tune is the same as Level 1 but with increased fueling for a slip-on or full exhaust system.
    • Looking for a custom race fuel tune or even a tune to de-tune for kids, buddies.. ect? We also have those available upon special request. Please send us an e-mail if you are looking for those things.
    • Wondering why go with our tune(s) over the DynoJet tunes? We go the extra mile to make sure everything is gained, and have a few extra tricks up our sleeve because we test in the real world. Other maps take their time to hit peak timing numbers which really hurts performance. Our map gets you into peak timing quicker, so max power seems more instant. We also have a great fuel curve that is designed to go with our timing curve, and offers better fueling for more power at WOT.  We also do some work with torque limiters as in the dirt we saw throttle closures when spinning the tires. Our map fixes that issue giving you 100% locked power delivery.  We also do the easy things like up the speed limiter to where you will never hit, disable 2 foot limiters, disable seatbelt limiters & more. Basically, this is the all out tune that has all the features you want built right into it.
    • To help better transfer the power gained to the wheels, and to achieve proper peak RPM, we highly recommend our AA Recoil clutch kits!
    • Tunes are said to "Ship for free" but will actually be e-mailed over to you within 48 hours of placing your order (On weekdays).
    • To get your PV_INFO number simply plug your Powervision into your computer (No software is needed and this will work on an Mac or Windows computer) using the supplied mini USB cord. Wait for the POWERVISION device to pop up as a drive. Once it pops up, open the folder for this device.  Inside the folder for the POWERVISION you will see a PV_INFO file which will need to be attached into an e-mail and sent to aftermarketassassins@gmail.com
    • Not good with computers? No problem. Simply send us your Powervision and we'll install the tune(s) and update your device to the latest firmware for $20 extra, which includes the shipping back to you.
    • Once you receive your tunes from us: simply download the tunes and find where they are located(most likely the DOWNLOADS folder). Copy the tune files by highlighting them and  plug your Powevision into your computer using the supplied mini USB cable. Wait for the POWERVISION to connect and open the POWERVISION drive. Then simply copy the downloaded AA tunes into the folder with the rest of your supplied DynoJet tunes. Most downloaded files will go into your DOWNLOADS folder. 
    • **Tunes are password protected so you will not be able to open or view them in the C3 tuning software**. This keeps our tunes protected from copying, and gives us a good reason to keep putting in the time to make the best tunes out there!
    • If you have any other needs in these tunes, or any concerns please e-mail or call!