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    AFE MQB Drop-In Filter DRY 31-10254

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    Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all sides, this high flow OE replacement performance filter will outflow the stock paper filter for improved horsepower and torque. Multiple layers of progressively finer mesh gauze media provides maximum convenience and easy maintenance. Washable and reusable for multiple cleaning cycles, the tall open evenly spaced pleats provide excellent dust holding capacity for longer service cycle between cleanings. Integrated urethane bump seal insures a tight, leak free seal over the life of the filter. Choose from three filter medias to best suit your needs: *Pro DRY S* * Primary Concern: Convenience - Pro Dry S oil-free, dry synthetic filtration media is the world's easiest-to-service performance air filter media * Filtration Efficiency: Better - 99.2% - Pro Dry S oil-free, dry synthetic media combines excellent filtration efficiency with easy-to-clean convenience * Typical Vehicle: Gas / Diesel - With excellent filtration efficiency and high airflow values, Pro DRY S is the perfect choice for any vehicle type * Driving Conditions: Street/Dusty - Pro Dry S will provide extended filter life in normal, everyday driving conditions; in dry, dusty conditions Pro Dry S is an excellent choice for ease of maintenance *Pro 5R* * Primary Concern: Performance - Pro 5R provides your engine with the largest amount of high-flowing, cold air, giving you the greatest horsepower and torque gains * Filtration Efficiency: Good - 98.6% - with filtration efficency levels in the high 98% range, Pro 5r outperforms most other cotton gauze medias on the market * Typical Vehicle: Gas / Diesel - Just the right combination of airflow and engine protection for everyday and performance oriented vehicles * Driving Conditions: Street - Pro 5R exceeds the necessary protection for average everyday driving *Pro GUARD 7* * Primary Concern: Protection - Pro Guard 7 offers unparalleled engine protection for the most critical, most expensive engines * Filtration Efficiency: Best - 99.7% - the greatest level of filtration efficiency and engine protection available on the market * Typical Vehicle: Diesel / Off-Road - Pro Guard 7 was developed specifically for today's demanding diesel applications. Pro Guard 7 provides the increased airflow and maximum protection your expensive diesel engine needs * Driving Conditions: Extreme/Very Dusty - Pro Guard 7 is perfect for all driving conditions, but excels in the harshest, most extreme conditions imaginable *Superstock IRF* * Progressive Cotton Gauze and/or Synthetic Media - Washable & reusable, lifetime filters, depth-loading dust holding capacity * Rounded Open Pleats - Better airflow, lower face pressure resistance, greater dust-holding capacity * Progressive Bump Seal - Pliable seal conforms to uneven surfaces, no foam gaskets or sealing grease necessary * Expanded Metal and Epoxy Coated Aluminum Wire Mesh - Provide increased strength and support during times of maximum load to help protect the vehicle's turbo