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  • Coil Pack - Set of 4 MK4/5/6

    Coil Pack - Set of 4 MK4/5/6

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    These are not for MK7!
    Is your engine throwing a misfire code? The problem is generally a failing or dead coil pack. Coil packs are what give your vehicle the spark to make the power, and if the spark is weak or nonexistent, power will decrease as your engine misfires. Restore that lost power and eliminate the misfire and replace yours now, an easy fix that can give your vehicle a performance rejuvenation and better fuel efficiency.
    These are the R8 Coil Pack Upgrade for the 2.0T's - Set of 4
    Can also be used on the 1.8T's with the proper Install hardware (NOT INCLUDED)
    Also when installed new coil packs, its a goo idea to do a set of fresh spark plugs while you have it apart. So hit the drop down menu above, and add a set of fresh plugs to your order.