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    EQT 5 Bar PUT Sensor

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    The perfect companion for an EQT 5 Bar TMAP is here with the new EQT 5 Bar PUT Sensor! Now with both sensors squared tuning and installation is even easier. Both the EQT TMAP and PUT sensor utilize the same scaling and you never have to worry about maxing out a sensor again!

    Upgraded Sensors are a necessary upgrade for any Big turbo, if you're on pump gas or E85, this package will allow you to make the most power your turbocharger has to offer.

    On EQT Vortex equipped vehicles, there are still power gains to be made beyond the stock sensor limits (29 Psi) with peak boost pressure around 33-34 Psi.

    ** Custom Tuning Is Required. Will not work on factory/staged tunes.


    This sensor replaces the factory location sensor and installation/removal is the same as OEM. Please reference your Factory Service Manual for the correct procedure.

    The EQT 5 Bar PUT sensor will go in place of the OE G31 Sensor as seen in the diagram below.
    Sensor Location


    All EA888.3 Powered MQB Vehicles

    • Golf GTI
    • Golf R
    • Jetta GLI
    • Audi A3
    • Audi S3
    • Audi TT-S
    • Volkswagen 1.8T (MQB)
      *Does not work with DAZA, or EA888.1 / EA888.2
    Sensor Scaling

    PUT Sensor Scaling

    Voltage Bar Millibar Kpa
    0.5v 0 Bar 0.0 mbar 0 kpa
    4.5v 5 Bar 5000 mbar 500 kpa

    Your ECU may use different units for scaling. While metric units are just a matter of moving the decimal, the commonly found units are provided above

    *NOTE: Requires tune with proper sensor scaling. Will not work on factory/staged tunes