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    EQT Brushless LPFP (MQB/e 1.8T/2.0T)

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    Standard LPFP

    The EQT Brushless Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) is a perfect upgrade for your EA888.3 powered vehicle and is available in both FWD and AWD configurations.

    This kit is a drop in pump that requires no modification to your original equipment. It includes everything necessary to drop into your tank and go.

    This is a perfect solution for built engine and factory engine vehicles. There is no need for blending or worrying about your ethanol content when running this fuel pump.

    Our standard Brushless LPFP is capable of supporting up to 600whp with proper fuel line kit.

    PRO Conversion

    For Higher Horsepower Applications check out our PRO versions capable of 700whp+

    During the development of the Typhoon with our Shop Golf R, we spent a lot of time finding the best fueling solution to feed the monster 61.4mm turbocharger.

    Naturally, an evolution of our existing brushless pump came to be and the EQT LPFP Pro was developed.

    At 3 bar boost (43psi) on the Typhoon and over 650 wheel horsepower, our new Pro pump has exceeded our expectations and we found there was still headroom for more power.

    We plan to revisit the dyno with a ported cylinder head and turn our Golf R up, even more, to really see what both this new turbo and pump can do!

    If you're looking for a fuel pump capable of supporting a 62mm or larger turbocharger look no further.

    Kit Contents:
    • Drop-In Brushless Fuel Pump
    • Black Brushless Fuel Pump Controller
    • Plug and Play Wiring Harness
    • Installation Hardware - Disclaimer; For all Rest of World customers the connections in your tank may differ from North American cars. If you are ROW and FWD please denote it in the comment section and we will include parts to remedy this issue.

    ECU tuning is required to utilize this pump