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    EQT DCC Delete Kit - MQB Mk7-Mk8Y

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    The EQT DCC delete kit for Mk7 and Mk8 platforms prevents the error light from turning on when the factory equipped magnetic suspension is removed. Some users MAY still get an error light if the vehicle is too low. To check this you can use OBD11 to check all % values, voltage and mm values, to ensure they are inline (they all must be similar). If they are not, you can have the ride height sensors recalibrated using ODIS (RECOMMENDED).


    These deletes are a plug and play solution for Mk7 and Mk8 platforms and utilize an OE style connector so no cutting, splicing, etc is required for installation!

    • Removes Error Messages from the dash and module when aftermarket suspension is equipped
    • Can be used with any brand coilover suspension
    • High-Quality Aluminum Construction
    • 100% Waterproof
    • No coding required or visits to the dealership
    • Allows the vehicle to disable ESP / Traction Control
    • Easily installs with the included cable ties

    **Always wear safety gloves before attempting installation.

    1. Loop Metal zip ties through holes, ensuring that the zip ties go BELOW the wires and not around them, as well as confirming zip ties are facing the correct orientation.
    2. Attach provided padded double-sided tape to back of module, and place on shocks. The double-sided tape is only meant for placement purposes and should not be left as is without the zip ties.

    3. Fasten shocks around shocks, or behind wheel well liner of rear depending on clearance of hardware. Ensure that module does not come into contact with anything when wheel turns or when shock is compressed.
    4. Use pliers to further tighten the metal zip ties by grabbing and twisting them underneath themselves. This tightens the zip tie and stretches it to give it a lasting hold. Repeat this till you feel they are tight enough.

    5. Ensure that connector from car harness clicks into module connector and is secure. No electrical tape is required to wrap around connectors.

    6. If necessary, use electrical tape or plastic zip ties to consolidate any excess hanging wires and secure them properly.

    Installation videos are available here:



    All Units, come with a 12 month parts warranty. Please email Support@EQTuning.com for more information!