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    EQT IS38+ Turbocharger

    Regular price $925.00

    Status: (Accepting Pre-orders)

    Whether you're looking for an Upgrade for your GTI, GLI, A3, or 1.8T Powered MQB Car, or have experienced a turbocharger failure on your Golf R or S3, the EQT IS38+ Turbocharger is a great option for you!

    Save when you bundle an EQT Staged tune with your IS38+ Turbocharger!

    Fairly priced and with multiple configurations to ensure you get the best value including;

    • Turbo Only - Bare Bones
    • Turbo with Wastegate (Charge pressure actuator)
    • Turbo with new Diverter Valve and Calibrated Wastegate (Coming soon)

    All EQT IS38+ Turbochargers include installation hardware.

    The OEM IS20 and IS38 are not exactly known for their reliability. EQT has taken similar technology as found in our Vortex Turbochargers and shared it with an OEM Sized IS38 turbocharger.

    This EQT IS38+ features original size compressor and turbine wheels as found in the factory IS38 turbocharger which makes it an ideal replacement for your Golf R and S3 without any tuning changes required while gaining a reliability upgrade.

    To add increased reliability over the original VW/Audi units we've upgraded the bearing system to include a 360° thrust bearing for optimal longevity and support while under heavy loads.

    Thrust Bearing

    Fitting a 360° Thrust Bearing increases the reliability of your turbocharger and allows a safer way of running high boost pressures. The thrust bearing is under heavy pressure when the turbocharger is operating, the larger surface area of a 360 thrust bearing (as opposed to a traditional 270°unit) is better equipped to cope with these axial loads

    Thrust Bearing

    Wheel Sizes

    Compressor Wheel: 45.2mm / 58.0mm

    Turbine Wheel: 47.4mm / 54.7mm

    • Pairs great with our EQT IS38 Tune for Golf GTI, Jetta GLI, and Audi A3
    • Golf R / Audi S3 requires no custom calibration to utilize this turbocharger. EQT Staged tune results below
    • 1.8T Powered MQB Vehicles (Golf TSI, Alltrack, etc) will require custom tuning

    Fueling Requirements


    • An upgraded HPFP is required for any amount of Ethanol
    • An upgraded LPFP is suggested. Only some vehicles require it.

      *Mileage, age and condition of your factory LPFP may mandate that you upgrade.

    Golf R / Audi S3

    • An Upgraded HPFP is required for E85.

    All EA888.3 Powered MQB Vehicles

    • Golf GTI
    • Golf R
    • Jetta GLI
    • Audi A3
    • Audi S3

    Installation Hardware

    All of the necessary Gaskets, O rings, and hardware are included with every EQT IS38+.


    If selected a brand new wastegate will be included with the turbocharger. Calibration will be required. Typically you'll want to set your voltage to 3.85-3.9v

    Diverter Valve

    If selected, a brand new Piston Style Diverter Valve will be installed