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    EQT Typhoon Turbocharger (VW/Audi MQB EA888.3)

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    Introducing our latest and greatest flagship turbocharger from EQT!

    The EQT Typhoon, this turbo is designed for built engine/ high horsepower applications and should not be installed on a stock engine car. This 74lb/min turbocharger is very capable of generating over 700whp+ and well into the 550ft-lbs of torque range. While it CAN be installed on a stock engine special care must be taken during the calibration to prevent exceeding factory engine limitations.

    Typhoon 700whp**Torque electronically limited to preserve DSG gear set integrity.

    The EQT Typhoon turbocharger is a Stock Location replacement turbocharger and features an all new stainless steel turbine housing specifically designed to fit our turbine wheel and also manufactured for fitment with OE and aftermarket downpipes.

    Our in house development and testing with this flagship turbocharger produces some quite impressive results in a simple package that can be installed without any additional hardware or fabrication! The dragy slips here from final testing after dyno tuning provide valuable insight to what this turbo setup is fully capable of. During these runs, the car was not launched hard and only had seats out. With proper dial-in of the suspension, and on a prepped surface, there's faster times to be had.

    We have had several customers turning up the heat with this turbo. One such customer is Pacortech who installed our Typhoon on a STOCK MOTOR car and ran 9.91@119.68mph while slamming on the brakes. This is clear on the second dragy slip below where you see the acceleration drop hard before the end of the 1/4 mile run, and was done to not get kicked out of the track for being too fast without proper safety equipment. While it is not recommended to run this turbo on a stock motor, it can be done and run well with proper tuning limits to preserve the engine. Below are just a few results from this amazing run:

    Typhoon Drag Strip Data

    Typhoon Turbine Housing

    The Turbine housing on the Typhoon is provisioned with an oversize internal wastegate port to maintain the factory charge pressure actuator allowing seamless integration and tuning with a stock ECU based system such as Cobb AccessPort and EcuTek ProECU. Special attention was also taken in regards to the wastegate actuator geometry as well as the position and lengths of the arm to ensure optimal control over boost pressure while using an OE actuator.

    No special standalone boost controllers are needed for this powerhouse of a turbocharger.

    Compressor Cover

    The Compressor Cover on the Typhoon is equipped with a 3" inlet and 1.5" outlet to allow maximum flow through the ported shroud to the 2618 billet compressor wheel which generates a ton of airflow allowing power levels to be pushed upwards of 660whp! It's also provisioned for an OE Diverter valve and mounting bosses for the charge actuator for easy installation of your original hardware, or a new EQT actuator which can be pre-installed and calibrated at EQT before shipment.

    Typhoon Compressor

    During the development phase of the Typhoon, we experimented with many different wheel packages and designs and eventually landed on a custom billet 2618 extended tip compressor wheel measuring 61.4mm on the inducer and 88.3mm at the far edge of the extended tip design.

    Compressor Wheel

    Ball Bearing Center Section

    The wheels rides on a larger central shaft for optimal strength and is supported by our dual ball bearing center housing rotating assembly to promote longevity and great spool up.

    Ball Bearing CHRA

    Turbine Wheel

    On the opposite side of the dual ball bearing center section sits our special turbine wheel measuring 55mm on the inducer, and 60mm at the exducer

    Turbine Close Up

    Boost Response
    The unique combination of an advanced aero 7+7 compressor wheel, and 55mm turbine allows us to reach full spool by 4500rpm and carry power all the way out to 8,000rpm with ease!

    EQT Sensor Package

    Due to the high levels of boost this turbocharger is capable of, it is highly suggested to pair it with our EQT Sensor Package which was designed in conjunction with this turbocharger for high boost and high horsepower applications.

    Installation Hardware

    When purchasing a Typhoon turbocharger from EQT, it will come with a proprietary compressor inlet and outlet hose, as well as application specific oil and coolant lines on both the feed and return.

    Typhoon Installation Hardware

    *Your original lines will not be reused and can stay on your previously installed turbo.

    The Typhoon also comes backed by an EQT Warranty as well as an installation kit including all necessary gaskets, seals, etc.

    Gaskets and Seals

    EQT Compressor Inlet Hose
    This inlet hose is designed to fit directly onto your EQT Typhoon turbocharger and mate up to many aftermarket intakes including the AMS Performance Carbon Fiber Intake as installed on our Development Vehicle

    Compressor Inlet Hose / Intake

    EQT Compressor Outlet / Discharge Hose
    The discharge coupler is specific to the EQT Typhoon and allows you to mate up to your existing EQT 2.5" Discharge Pipe Kit or similar sized competitor products.

    Compressor Outlet / Discharge Hose


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