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  • IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2
    IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2
    IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2
    IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2
    IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2

    IE MQB MK7/8V 2.0T & 1.8T Cold Air Intake Kit V2

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    The all-new Integrated Engineering 2.0T Gen 3 Cold Air Intake System for the VW/Audi MQB platform has been completely reimagined and redesigned from the ground up. Featuring a new 3.5" turbo inlet pipe and heat shield that spans the entire length of the radiator inlet to support massive power gains from even large turbo and hybrid setups. New modular design allows the intake to be ran as a cost-friendly open filter intake, or upgraded with a high-gloss carbon fiber assembly further reducing hot engine bay air and adding a high-quality style to your engine bay. 



    • Gain over 10+ horsepower and torque with tuning
    • Available with optional high gloss carbon fiber lid
    • Adds aggressive motorsport turbo and engine sound
    • Full-width air inlet spans entire radiator support
    • High-flow built-in velocity stack & 5" air filter
    • 3.5" turbo inlet pipe and silicone - removes factory restrictions
    • Flow-optimized for tuned engines, hybrid turbos, and big turbo kits
    • Through-flow flat surface 3-ply couplers
    • Perfect fitment by utilizing factory airbox mounts
    • Black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield
    • Stealth coolant line included at no extra cost
    • Works with/without SAI - no need to buy an extra kit


    On turbo engines, more flow equals more power! Putting performance first, the ram air design, velocity stack, 3.5" inlet pipe, and massive 5-inch filter all function to deliver the most power possible from an intake system. This Intake design delivers a massive flow increase over the stock airbox, resulting in over 10 horsepower and torque over stock and far exceeds this on hybrid or large turbo setups.


    At the base of our intake is an alloy heat shield that spans the entire front of the car for maximum fresh air flow, seals off hot engine bay air, and securely holds the velocity stack and air filter. The modular design allows for an optional carbon fiber lid to be installed further sealing off the intake from radiant engine heat and provides a high-end gloss carbon finish to your engine bay.


    IE engineers utilize cutting edge 3D scanners and specialized software to create a digital model of the engine bay. This digital environment ensures the intake clears and fits exactly like a factory-installed unit. Rapid printed prototypes are then used to ensure fitment in actual vehicles before moving onto production. The result is an intake that provides a hassle-free install with angles and curves that not only look at home in your engine bay but elevates the style completely.


    Everything needed to install your new IE intake is included without having to make any trips to the hardware store or purchase additional add-on kits. Included is our stealth coolant line, which completely hides under the intake and out of view. This protects the coolant line from interfering or rubbing on anything that may lead to future coolant leaks. For vehicles equipped with secondary air injection (SAI), the IE intake is equipped to connect to the factory line without having to purchase an additional kit. Don't have SAI? No worries, a plug is also included.


    Delivering cooler air and in enough volume is a must for making power. To accomplish a ram-air design, our engineers utilize large piping and a velocity stack to efficiently deliver as much air as possible. We know a fast car is fun to drive, but a good sounding one really puts a smile on your face. The high-velocity bellmouth and free flow design of our intake also produces the exciting side effect of amplifying engine notes and turbo sounds that create a unique experience every time you push the throttle down.