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    Injector Defender Gasoline - 10 oz. Bottle

    Regular price $12.49

    Prevents harmful corrosion due to today’s Ethanol-blended and poor-quality gasoline. Not only does Injector Defender restore performance and protect fuel injection systems from performance-robbing deposits, it also provides fuel stabilization and preservation. This additive provides a pour-in solution that will not harm sensors in all fuel-injected cars, trucks, motorcycles and marine engines. Each 10-ounce bottle treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline.



    The growing use of Ethanol in modern pump fuel significantly increases the risk of carburetor and fuel system corrosion. Ethanol is added to fuel as an “oxygenate” for emissions purposes. But Ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture, which causes corrosion in the fuel system and inside the engine. Plus, high levels of Ethanol dilution in the motor oil can lead to increased moisture in the crankcase, thereby causing rust and other corrosion problems.

    Ethanol by itself is corrosive to components made of Aluminum and Zinc, while gasoline-oxygenate blends can corrode other materials such as Magnesium and Steel. Problems caused by Ethanol in gasoline and oil are then compounded by long periods of storage between uses.