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    Polaris RZR E-Valve Pro R Chambered 3" Performance Exhaust ~ Electric Valve Muffler

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    Polaris RZR Pro R Chambered 3" Muffler


    How do we spice up our famous Chambered Pro R Muffler? Add a Electric valve of course!  With Our Pro R Chambered muffler being the most in demand muffler to hit the Pro R market we knew it was time to add an electronic valve to it for the guys who want quiet AND wan to let it sing when its time! We modified and mechanically baffled the crossover chamberers to our standard Chambered Muffler and add a E-Valve directly in the first chamber that allows exhaust to bypass the chambers and directly enter the exit chamber of the muffler.  Technically this muffler with the valve closed is quieter than the standard Chambered Muffler AND has the ability to out perform it with the valve opened. At idle, the tone change is minimal, but the more exhaust air you pump through the muffler the more you will notice the valve open.  When you're done being rowdy and its time to tame it back down to the sound of the stock muffler, just hit the provided RPM back lit switch and your set!  

    The muffler, this is a fully mechanical chambered muffler that utilizes no wearable packing. It uses a series of pass through chambers & internal flared pipes to deliver a deep and quiet as possible sound through the OEM replicated 3" RPM tip.  This is as quiet as a Pro R muffler can be while still retaining enough exhaust flow to provide optimal gains. This means that this muffler system is adequate all the way to stage 5 E85 tunes! Like all our Pro R mufflers, we have retained our famous 3" OEM replicated tip to perfectly fit the factory rear fascia. Constructed from 304 stainless in and out this muffler is built to last and take the beating of any terrain. It mounts in all of the OEM hangers, utilizes the OEM muffler gasket, and works with the RPM Big Core or stock header pipe.


    • 304 Stainless Construction
    • Complete Mechanical Chambered Design
    • 3" OEM Replicated Tip Brushed/Blue/Black
    • No Tune Required!
    • 7.5Lb's Lighter than Stock