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  • RS3 Ignition Coilpacks | Gen3 1.8T | 2.0T

    RS3 Ignition Coilpacks | Gen3 1.8T | 2.0T

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    Keep your engine running smooth and at 100%. Recommended to change every 40k miles when doing spark plugs to maintain maximum power and efficiency for your engine. 

    Taken straight out of the Audi parts catalog for the B9 S4 3.0T (rated at 354BHP) and 8v RS3 2.5T (rated at 400BHP), these engines produce massive power that require high spark energy to light the spark plug under extreme boost pressures! Look no further for reliable, OEM operation for your 1.8T or 2.0T Gen3 engine than this RS3 Ignition Coil Set from high performance Audi S/RS models. 

    Note: Sold as a set of 4

    Note: RS7 plugs are one heat range colder for tuned vehicles. Complete set of 4 spark plugs (079905626G). Parts are BERU brand OE supplier to Audi. Beru part Z345.

    NOTE: These DO NOT fit Gen1/2 2.0T engines.