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    TPR Raw Biller Valve Cover | Polaris RZR

    Regular price $1,100.00

    TPR Industry’s Polaris RZR Billet valve cover in Bare/Raw aluminum. This is not your ordinary beauty cover, our new design incorporates camshaft oilers virtually eliminating cam follower failures and allowing us to push the limits of the runBC cam profiles. You will also have the option to convert your XP, XPT & XPT-S to ProXP cooling design allowing you to fully flow your cylinder heads cooling system. The ProXP cooling design eliminates the DEATH air pocket that can form in the upper portion of the cylinder heads water jacket causing 80% of all head gasket failures. -12 ORB bung installed for second breather if necessary. There are no modifications required to cylinder head for installation and will all fit under stock bed cover! Another plus is that the cylinder head does not need to be removed for cam oilers or full flow water to be hooked up. Easy, drop-on installation.